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Benefits of Bio Sanitary Pad AVAIL :
- Giving a sense of cool and comfortable while in use
- Maintain cleanliness and health of the female organs
- Help overcome the whitish
- Reducing pain during menstruation (senggugut)
- Help overcome the irregular menstruation.
- Eliminate odors in the female organs.
- Prevents growth of bacteria and fungi.
- Because the herb contains a good health then the pads can be used by all groups, namely women and men, and children.

In certain conditions to help overcome :
- Haermorrhoid or hemorrhoids
- Bruising due to a blow or collision
- For injuries
- For the dressing on sugar disease.
- To compress the child's fever
- Helps relieve lower back pain, muscle joints. Etc.

The product is not recommended TO BE

- TO BE used by pregnant women.
-TO BE used for routine use in children who have not had MENSTRUATION

Just See The Users Testimony below :

Angela WongKeningau, Sabah

Jaundice and itching menstrual period

I have jaundice and itching menstrual period. This problem is really confusing me. When meeting with a doctor, he told me that my uterus had contracted the germ.My brother became a distributor Avail Beauty Sdn. Bhd.. FC Bio Sanitary Pad. and told me to use it for a week, I faced the problem disappear altogether! Now, good products and this quality has become a part of my family life. I also recommend to use it.

Jainun @ Zainun Sedian, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Senggugut chronic, abdominal pain & migraine

Since adolescence, I have experienced problems resulting senggugut chronic abdominal pain and migraine. So I was forced to take leave every time coming period. Praise God, after I used the FC Bio Sanitary Pad issued by Avail, the problem was cured. Now, I feel no pain, although coming period. Menstrual period was also reduced from seven days to four days. Thanks to Avail, you make my life more fresh

Norliah Mahmood, Taman Melawati, Kuala Lumpur

Stroke & pain all over body

I’m having a stroke in December 2003 and felt pain all over my body. In January 2004, I had a stroke once again for taking a drug that is not appropriate. After the paste FC Bio Sanitary Pad (Pantiliner) in all parts of my body that hurt for a week, I felt as if no pain anymore. Many thanks to Avail Beauty.

Shablee Abidin, Inanam, Sabah

(Pain Leg, swelling and difficulty walking)

In April 2005, I injured the football game. My right leg pain, swelling and difficulty walking. In
that night, I attach a piece FC Bio Sanitary Pad (Pantiliner) Avail Beauty.  This product is very good and great. in my legs are sore. I feel I was really amazed kerana could sleep with flax without anythinginterference. On the next day, that my pain was gone and my natural  run came back. Thanks to AVAIL.

Siti Sabrina Ahmad Faris, Shah Alam, Selangor
(Senggugut extreme & weak body resistance)
I was a student. Every time your period comes, I must take leave senggugut problems caused by very excessive. Power endurance my body a bit weak and I weighed only 35 kg with a height of 157 cm.
After using FC Bio Sanitary Pad  for 2-3 months, I no longer need to take time off during menstruation. Power endurance my body getting stronger because I feel more stamina and recover faster from illness. Now, my weight has increased to 45 kg. I feel really confident. Thanks to AVAIL.


Ranjeeta Kaur, Employee, Medan
I am an employee, each menstrual period, I am feeling itchy , pain and do not feel comfortable so that interfere with concentration at work, irregular menstrual periods as well.
I tried using the Bio-Sanitary Pad AVAIL during the next period all the above problems disappear and periods of mens become irregular and shorter. When I work , I feel cool and comfortable



Ayesha Adisti, students, (Medan)
Each time comes menstruation, I often do not attend school due to pain. My immune system is weak. After using the Bio-Sanitary Pad AVAIL and Nutrition consumption for 1 month, my pain disappeared and I can do  school activities smoothly.Power improved my endurance and stamina getting better and rarely sick.


Leny Minarty, housewives (Medan)
I am a housewife, every time period always felt tremendous pain during the first 3 days, so it can not perform my activities as a Housewife.
Felt tired and exhausted. Sometimes emotions are not stable. After using the Bio-Sanitary Pad AVAIL and lost all the complaints over shorter periods.


1. Why do women now have problems during menstruation?
- dizziness
- pain
- Pain in breast
- Quick-tempered (uncontrolled emotion)
- Irregular menstruation
- Pain in the joints etc..

2. Why do women today often have problems of womanhood?
- whitish
- odor
- yellowish
- Feel hot and itchy
- Vaginal infections caused by bacteria
- Bladder infections caused by bacteria.

3. Why do women today are often exposed to a highly malignant disease and can be life threatening?

- Cancer of the uterus
- Breast cancer
- cysts
- Myom
- Etc.

Why do women past (25 years ago) is rarely affected by the issue of femininity as above?

The answer: we must know. One factor is the use of pads that cause DIOXIN.

Therefore, we realized how important this DIOXIN Free Pads is. AVAIL present to you is very concerned about the health. Make sure if you are in trouble to use this amazing product.

Best Regards